Friday, January 6, 2017

St. Patrick's Day 2018

St. Patrick's Day is also known as the Feast of Saint Patrick. This day is a cultural and religious celebration for Irish people. People celebrate this day as their national and religious holiday. 

Every year on March 17, Patrick’s lovers celebrate this special day. This particular day is named after Saint Patrick. He was the saint patron of Ireland. In the Guinness world record book, the special day is called as Friendliest Day of the Year.

St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick's Day is a national holiday in Ireland. This particular day is an official Christian feast day. The day is observed in honor of Saint Patrick and the arrival of Christianity in Ireland.

March 17, is a public holiday in the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, the Canadian province of Newfoundland and Labrador. In Manitoba, different Associations arrange three-day long festival of music & beautiful cultural program.

It is also celebrated all over the world. England, Canada, Argentina, Australia, New Zealand & United States observe the day also.

St. Patrick's Day Dresses:

For keeping the age-old tradition of the great celebration, people wear the green dress. This color represents the color of Ireland. In different cities of Ireland, people organize street parades. The festival covers public parades in different places. The participants wear green attire or shamrocks. People use leprechaun costume & wear green t-shirt designing good sayings. On that day, green t-shirt becomes the most wanted dress for all. Everybody want to express their support by containing green outfit. 

St. Patrick's Day dress

Girls like to apply non-toxic dye in their hair. Dance groups perform step dancing which is popular in Ireland. This step dance is charming & attractive. If you are planning to visit the event, try to book your ticket as early as possible. Tourists come from different countries to attend the parade. So, it becomes difficult for latecomers to manage suitable accommodation. It will also be expensive or tough for managing nearest hotels.

The entire country becomes a symbol of great discipline. Almost, in everywhere, green color makes the whole country greener. The green color makes the country as like a beautiful fresh garden. Many people bring their beloved pet animal with green decoration. People dye the rivers & ponds with green color. People also dye their food for eating with different taste. They also eat the green burger, hot dog, pastry & green drinks.

Most of all the stores become decorated with green balloons. For supporting the parade green cars join the event. The different team holds green flag & banner containing greeting words. Both sides of the roads become full of the spectator. Some acrobats show stick show, firework show, high jumping etc.

The sound of the parade creates a melody of bonding. Besides this parade, people enjoy this day by eating different traditional foods & drinks. Therefore, Many people try to eat Corn beef and cabbage for enjoying the holiday.

This important day is also celebrated in the United States. They also celebrate this day as like Irish and Irish-American culture. In the USA, this day is honored by keeping all kinds of official activities off. The day is commemorated with religious observances, street parades.

St. Patrick's Day Parade:

Annual St. Patrick's Day Parades create an opportunity to meet up with friends & family. It creates a great chance for an outdoor get-together. It seems like a national picnic. If you want to take part in the biggest street party of the year, don’t forget to join. People come from different cities wearing the green dress. Some people come with their full family to enjoy the carnival. The decorate themselves using same style & same dress. Even older people don’t want to miss the parade. They also perform the dance or body painting. 

St. Patrick's Day Parade

Young people bring their handy vehicle with beautiful flowers. It seems that the world’s largest flower garden is walking on the street. Different music band teams take part in the occasion. Their music makes the moment more enjoyable. Singers perform on stages with the different musical instrument.

Among any other national festivals, this day has popularity in different countries. Other festivals are also influenced by the pattern of this festival.

Some people try to make this celebration commercialized. So, many people have an objection against this commercialization. It can influence the occasion. As a result, the main concept of this festival may become diverted. As a result, the main purpose of this event was honoring St Patrick and Irish heritage. In some cases, many people say that out of Ireland some people misrepresent Irish culture. So, people want to keep the age-old tradition with precise manner. People want to keep this cultural arrangement according to Irish culture. If the occasion cannot be organized properly, next generation will be misleading.

But, there have lot’s of people who try to observe this occasion. Many Christians involve themselves in church servicing. They want to help other people in the church.

The Calgary Tower stands with new green CFL bulbs for this particular event. It makes the tower as like a green mountain. This kind of lighting represents environmental concerns. Different non-profit organizations take this lighting initiative.

Why Do We Celebrate St. Patrick's Day?

Irish people want to uphold their country to the tourists with this holiday. Irish culture & tradition development practice is also the main reason for this event. As a result, it helps to develop and establish Irish culture to the world.

The First Unofficial St. Patrick’s Day Parade:

15 men conducted the first unofficial parade in 1962. Among them, some were very famous businessmen. So, it was tough for them to arrange the program for the first time. Finally, they were able to complete their valuable event up to their expectation.

The Irish Fellowship Club with its members contributed enough in organizing the parade. They worked for decorating, fundraising to make the parade up to mark. That time Marie Eakins was only one women member who was one of the greatest members. It was very challenging for her that time as she was only one as a lady member. After all, she tried to play her role as a backbone for the unofficial Parade program. 

St. Patrick’s Day Activities:


Travel to Ireland: You can visit Ireland to take part in the national parade. You can go to Dublin, the capital city of Ireland. There five-day long festival takes place with magnificent programs. The entire city becomes crowded due to tourists arrival. If you want to avoid tourist-ridden streets of Dublin, go to the countryside. There you can enjoy the calm environment in a different pattern.

Eat Irish food: Eat corned beef, cabbage with soda bread to enjoy the original test of Irish food. This food is available in all restaurants with affordable price.

Enjoy Irish music: Many people try to play tin whistle, the uilleann pipes etc.

You can enjoy radio for listening to Irish music. Popular singers attend the public concert to entertain people. Different bands organize music festival for this important day. 

Warnings on St. Patrick’s Day:

    On this special day, alcohol consumption gets a spike. Different shops offer attractive price package for various drinking & beverage. Be sure that you are not drinking any poisonous drinking.
    Do not drive your car if you have consumed alcohol. Therefore, make sure your driver has not consumed alcoholic products.
    Enough security needs for that day as different people come to the event. Only expert volunteers can organize the event.
    Before joining the parade, learn the rules of the parade, Costume ideas, driving routes & rules.
    Everyone should ignore all kinds of commercialization targeting the holiday. All should uphold the main tradition & honor of the St. Patrick's Day. Otherwise, the main reason for this celebration will be inappropriate.