Friday, February 10, 2017

St. Patrick's Day Parade 2018

St. Patrick's Day Parade 2018 Sponsor

The Irish Congress of Southern California is happy to get the charitable sponsors. The great sponsors are the main source of arranging 36th Annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade. They are going to execute their commitment to the Irish community.

St. Patrick's Day Parade 2018

The Consulate General of Ireland helps in supporting Irish welfare in the Western US. This effort amplifies Irish economic interest. This occasion can develop relation between Ireland and the states of the Western US. Thus, it will make some easier system in traveling, living and job opportunity in Ireland.

For making this parade event successful, there need enough economical support. Different business organizations come forward to contribute in the parade. Below, some generous sponsors are introduced for honoring & thanking.

Presenting Sponsor: Guinness:

Guinness is popular for their beer brands. This brand is well known over 120 countries. They expect foreign customers in this occasion.

Festival Tshirt Sponsor: The Field Irish Pub

It is San Diego's most reliable Irish Pub and Restaurant. They have success in their good hospitality. Their team is always ready to welcome you.

Community Sponsor: Scottish Treasures, Coronado, California

They mark many exclusive products, which are unique enough. Exclusive ladies wear, jewelry and much more are remarkable items.

Support the San Diego St. Patrick's Day Parade through Sponsorship

The San Diego St. Patrick's Day Parade has remarkable amount of participants. This creates an opportunity to have fun for the whole family.

It is a great chance for promoting your business joining sponsorship of the Parade.

Even small business organizations have opportunity to take part. You need to book the festival sponsorship earlier the festival. There have some rules & regulations for the parade sponsors. Their rules are friendly for attracting your service or product to the consumers.


Volunteers play the vital role on behalf of the Irish senate. If you want to gift yourself or to others, volunteering would be a great idea. It will educate you something new which helps to make you more responsible. It also raises cultural awareness among your friends & family members.

Several volunteer committees work behind successful Parade. Volunteer committees feel proud to work for others. They also appreciate others who come to help them.

There have different groups with different responsibility. Each group is identified with experienced committee members for particular job assignment.

How do you take part as volunteer?

Are you interested to join as volunteer in the event? If you are willing, you can contact with Volunteer Coordinator by sending your CV. In your CV, don’t forget to send your team member number. Moreover, mention your interested helping area like Flag Raising, Beverage Servers, Photographer, Clean-up & Public Safety etc.

2017 NYC St. Patrick’s Day Parade:

This year two organizations are proposed to Dedicated the Patrick’s Day Parade. The two organizations are one Catholic Charities & another one is New York State Police.

Both the organizations are about to 100 years old.

Catholic Charities , an association of several agencies. They have reputation in solving different troubles of New Yorkers in crisis situation. Their services are helping the hungry & destitute, supporting the physically and emotionally challenged.

New York State Police is working since 1917 with great service. They have developed law enforcement demand of the people of New York State. Now they are marked as a very popular organizations.