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Happy St. Patrick's Day: celebration across the world and outer space

On 17th March of every year, millions of Irish people along with others celebrate Happy St Patrick's day wearing green jackets, shamrock adorned hats and ginger wigs. They all gather early morning into different pubs and bars to enjoy the day. To make the day a memorable one they celebrate the heritage and culture of the Irish people. St Patrick's day was originally a religious feast day but slowly it changes to celebrations of many interesting events. st, Patrick was a patron saint of Ireland and Christian missionary whose father was a deacon and grandfather was a priest. St, Patrick was a Scottish, not an Irish. He spent many years in Ireland converting many Irish pagans to Christianity before his demise on 17th March AD 461.

Happy St. Patrick's Day

st Patrick's day traditions:

By this time Happy St Patrick's day has become a global celebration day of Irish culture with festivities(a drinking occasion) along with so many entertainments. St Patrick used to explain the Irish pagans the holy trinity ( God appearing in 3 forms) and he successfully converted thousands of Irish into Christians. Happy St Patrick's day is celebrated as a national holiday in the Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. the day is widely celebrated globally especially UK, USA, North America, Canada, Australia.

st Patrick's day facts

Brazil, Argentina, and Malaysia, NZ.On this day restriction of eating meat and drinking alcohol has been relaxed. St, Patrick was never canonized by a church rather he became a saint by his reputation of good deeds and by some miracles shown from God. Patrick was born in a wealthy family in Ad 387 in Kilpatrick, Scotland and his real name was Maewyn Succat.

st Patrick's day history:

From history, it has been found that he was kidnapped by the Irish raiders at the age of 16 only and taken to Gaelic Ireland. He was a slave there and did the job of a the time of captivity, he learned the rituals and custom of druids--the people he eventually converted to Christianity. patrick is supposed to pray god 100 times a day and once he dreamt God who told him to escape from captivity of 6 years. Accordingly, he went to the coast where a ship was waiting for him. he returned home safe and sound. after returning home the young Patrick became a priest like his grandfather at the age 22 years only. He then engages himself in Christian missionary converting thousand of Irish pagans into Christians over the northern half of Ireland. St, Patrick would use shamrock --a three leaves plant, symbol of sacred to explain the holy trinity of God ( God appearing in 3 forms) for preaching the Irish pagans. He then built the huge number of churches in Ireland during his preaching.

Why do we celebrate happy st. Patrick's day

He was buried in Downpatrick on 17th March AD 461 and became the foremost saint of Ireland and remained as a source of many legends after his death.  Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland declared this day as national holiday being celebrated across the world and even outer space.St Patrick's day has also been honored by the astronaut in a space station in 2011 by playing flutes and whistles possessed by Irish. to make the day a remarkable one chairs head field took photos of Ireland and one floating astronaut wearing a green bow tie in a space station in the year Ireland.  Celebrations are held all over the country with the largest gathering in Dublin and Downpatrick. The events of the special parade, musical performance, dancing, horse racing and fireworks attract the Irish people tremendously.

Happy St. Patrick's Day

st Patrick's day in USA and Ireland:

In USA Happy St Patrick's day is widely celebrated across many states in Irish and Irish-American culture. in Chicago, thousands of people crowd in the bank of Chicago river dyed in green color to mark the occasion. In NewYork, a special parade is held in the 5th avenue with live bands to celebrate Happy St Patrick's day --dancers waving US flags and Irish flags simultaneously.If you are planning to celebrate the happy St Patricks day in the year 2018 you might wish to wear one or more of the following and attending in a pub or bar:
1) a shamrock
2) green clothing
3) a green top hat
4) green accessories
5) a ginger wig.

Happy St.Patrick's Day will be a source of inspiration to the Irish people in the years to come.